Graphics, Programs and Apps by Simon Schürrle

About me


I'm an 18 year old Guy that currently does an apprenticeship as Media Designer.
My hobbies include Mountainbiking, Coding and doing 3D Stuff.

Operating Systems

I dualboot Windows 10 alongside Arch Linux with KDE Plasma.
My Servers run Debian 9 and my Raspberry Pi runs Arch Linux ARM.


For programming things I mainly use Python (2.7-3.7) since its the first language I learned.
I'm currently learning Nim (a language with a Python like syntax that can compile to C, C++ and JS) and I plan on learning Haskell in the future.
I know LaTeX, HTML5, CSS3 and the basics of SASS, JS and PHP


Programs I regularly work with include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.
For creating 3D things I use Autodesk 3Ds Max (2015 & 2017) and MAXON Cinema4D R18. I either render with the Physical Render of Cinema4D or VRay when I'm using 3Ds Max. For Compositing I use the The Foundrys Nuke.
For Developing in Python I mainly use PyCharm. For everything else (MaxScript, Nim etc.), I use Sublime Text 3.